Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mother Jerusalem

Now, the news of salvation is spreading rapidly across the world. People who never heard or understood about God are beginning to receive the truth with great delight. Most people wish to know why they are existing in this world, and what awaits them afterward. All of these fundamental human questions can be answered through the Bible.

However, the Bible has recently become an object of humor and most peole today see it only as book stories. We, on the other hand, do not. We see the Bible as a book of prophecy which helps us understand the spiritual world and lead us to the kingdom of Heaven. Also, the Bible teaches us about the existence of our Spiritual Mother, Heavenly Mother Jerusalem. She is the spiritual city which gives eternal life. I don't mean a literal city, but She represents the place where we can receive God's abundant blessing, Jerusalem. This Jerusalem, however, is from Heaven, not Palestine. She is God the Mother; the female image of God.

People are traveling all the way around the world to visit Heavenly Mother and to receive Her blessings. I hope that you too can receive God's blessing in this last age. God bless you...


Beautiful Mind said...

I had left you a comment on a diffrent post of yours but I just wanted to say God Bless you Brother and I have to say your fragrance is beautiful. :)

shortee144 said...

While it is sad that people feel that the Bible is not a true book of prophecy, it makes me all the more appreciative of God's giving me understanding. How blessed we are to realize that God Almighty Ahnsahnghong is Our Father and Heavenly Mother Jerusalem is Our Mother and we realize it.