Thursday, November 8, 2007

My first visit to the World Mission Society Church of God

Hey it’s me again, so I paid my first visit to the World Mission Society Church of God in New Jersey. My son attended asked me to pick him up after service. So before I went there I decided to take some of the pointers from the cult check list that I found. Upon my arrival my son greeted me, and asked me to come in while he took care of some things, I was really glad he did that, because I really wanted to check it out. So here is what I found:

When I first came in everybody greeted me very nicely and politely, this is very nice. Everybody smiled, and they were very courteous. One thing that was on the checklist of cults is that everybody is nice and they welcome you with love (now I don’t agree with this, because then in order for it not to be a cult everybody has to be mean. I guess we have to keep our kids away from watching nickelodeon, because all the people on T.V. are too happy and loving, these are cult rituals; Barney and Dora the explorer are cult leaders. Nonsense!) I was very pleased by the way the people treated me, because I feel comfortable knowing that my son is in this kind of environment.

Another cult point is that the congregation has to be mostly young people 20-30 years old, but in the Church of God I saw many grandparents and also people in their 40’s and 50’s. I also saw kids and teenagers, so if cults recruit only people between the ages of 20-30, the recruiters of the Church of God should get fired, because they are not doing a very good job in their filtering process. So I was glad to see people of my age too.

Point #3. Cults usually have small congregations. Well I guess this one Church of God failed also, because I saw about 200 to 300 people coming out of this Church(I am guessing these cult leaders are not very good at math). When I asked how many members attended the Church of God they told me that about 350, this is very amazing, most congregations are not this big.
Another thing I was trying to pay attention to was how many people I sat down with, I mean according to the Cult guidelines; they usually sit you with a group of 2 or 3 people. Well to my surprise, there were about 10 to 15 people who joined the conversation we were having. Ok they failed this one too; they are not meeting cult guidelines. Most of the people that were there at the time participated in the conversation, the age group didn’t matter, and everybody joined the conversation. They were mentioning how some of the members sometime did good performances, they gave me examples, like break dancing, singing, dancing, playing instruments…etc, I don’t remember them all; but through this I saw another cult guideline not met. According to the cult guideline, no member could claim that they have special talents, or abilities, everybody is the same.

Another thing that I was glad about was that I came during the time to eat dinner. In this situation I paid really close attention to see if what they served was really low on protein, and was going to make my mind weak. That night dinner was chicken stew with rice and beans. Ok hold on! I did my research, on a protein scale chicken is the second highest source of protein, and also beans are very good source for proteins. Now whoever is the nutritionist for this “cult”, I think he should find another profession, because he is messing it all up, it is low on protein, not the most high on protein.

After my first visit to the World Mission Society Church of God, many of the cult guidelines I was looking for were not met, this leaves the cult like behavior behind, and now the only thing left for me to see is if their teachings really come from the Bible, or they are just made up. I scheduled another visit, next time I would like to attend one of their Bible studies, to see how they backup all the claims that they make through the Bible. That night I was not able to study, because there was not much time, but my first impression of the Church of God, was a good one, we’ll see as time goes on what happens. I will keep you posted and let you know after my first study. Till next time.


Lisa R said...

Both my son and daughter attend the World Mission Society Church of God. When they first started attending, I immediately became very frustrated and angry. They had never spent so much time in church, and then when I began to do some research, as you did, I also found the claims of it being a cult. At this point, I also had to go and see what this was all about.

The only thing that I can say, to make a long story short, is that I myself now attend and I have NEVER in my life felt such sincere love in warmth in any other church. Aside from this, every teaching comes from the Bible - Yes, even God appearing from the East. If you study, you will see it is true.
I am very sorry at the behavior of these terrible people who speak against the church without cause. In the end, they are only fighting against God!
May God bless you all, and when in doubt, please come and see for yourself!

Anonymous said...

Well i wish i was as open minded as you when i first went to the Church of God WMS. I heard about it when my daughter started going and i asked a friend and he told me that it was a cult. So i believe him and went to the internet as he directed me. When i read what was said i trully believe it and forgot what i was taught through the bible. I am glad that i raised my daugther with a high love and value to her family, because the more a fought with my daughter and the more i with my actions push her away the more patience she had with me and the more love to let me see through the bible. I have to be honest it took me a while, but I decided to give it a chance. I know not that i lost so much time out in the world because of the internet and by doing so i rejected the world of God. Today i trully repent and I give thanks to God for giving me a second chance.

uva347 said...

hi... in my case my mom used to persecute me a lot about this. Before I begun going to church she would complaint about me going out with friends (not a very good company she used to say), but then she complained about me going to church? I couldn't believe it. All the questions I used to ask her when I was little were answered in the Church of God, without any kind of human interpretation since everything was explained by the bible itself. She was very religious and she could never deny the bible but when I told her about things I was learning like that one saying we have a Mother God as well as Father, and that they came to earth to save us, she got so upset!. Why is so hard to understand? Isn’t God a loving God? Yes! That’s why they came to earth to bring back all the truth that was lost for 1700 years since the counsel of nicea in ad 325, isn’t God almighty? Of course! Then why do people limit God saying: No God will never come like one of us, or God cannot be a female as well as male…, nonsense like you said. The truth is 100% or nothing. Well the Church of God World Mission Society has 100% truth. That’s all my friends and I talk about I college. PS: sorry about disappointing you about the high on protein food. In Church of God we make sure we are healthy in order to focus in all the studies and we are awake in service!:) I hope to know you went back to the church of God again! you'll love the studies, ask as many things as you want...

Le0511 said...

Its nice to hear people checking it out for themselves, its better than taking other peoples word for it. Who listens to rumors on the Internet anyways? Is this High School? I'm 27 years old, let's be adults about this. Hopefully your bible experience goes well, ask questions and you will see the quality of their teachings. AhnSahngHong...I look foward to hearing your experience when you learn the meaning of this.