Friday, February 15, 2008

Erratic Cheese is the Author of Cultwatch!!!! World Mission Society Church of God

Hey im back once again. then after watching the video that exposes the author of cultwatch as the originator of the erratic cheese website, i tried to go back into his site, but he deleted much of the content of the original site. I mean how is Erratic Cheese affected by this? Why does he have to change the content of his site?
And then he tried to prove that Ted and The Erratic Cheese are two different people. if so why is Erratic Cheese talking against the Church of God? it doesnt make sense.

At the end of this video you see a video on youtube made by Erratic Cheese talking against the Church of God. I clicked on the tab that gives you more information about the video, and i saw that it invites people to go to the cultwatch website.
This is too cheesy. This guy definetly has some problem. How can anyone believe anything he says.


TOM11 said...

Its TRUE! I thought it was different people but its the same guy! If he tells the truth, why does he change his site or try to hide the connections??? Its so clear how he got caught in his own lie. World Mission Society Church of God is no cult at all. This video helped so much.